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Inkjet printer application industry
Published in:2017-08-08 12:57:14
Printing machine plays a very important role in the advertising industry, in outdoor advertising, digital posters are also common, his advertising is also in outdoor advertising display the most important, and the application range of digital inkjet printer is very wide, not only used in the advertising industry, and other industries. The following is the advertising network on digital printer industry introduction:

1. Glass industry

Digital printing machine can be directly sprayed glass surface printing various patterns, instead of manual drawing, to achieve real-time processing of no version, high efficiency and low cost, rich colors, convenient operation and save a lot of time for the glass industry customers, the use of the equipment for manufacturers to bring considerable economic benefits.

2, decoration industry

UV digital printer to a desired pattern in direct spray surface ceiling, fireproof board, aluminum board, MDF, stone, ceramics, glass and other decorative materials printing, decoration to meet the personalized demand, bring considerable economic benefits for the construction decoration company.

3, signs industry

Digital printing machine can be directly sprayed surface of various hard plate material pattern printing, screen printing, alternative corrosion, film and other traditional sign technology, not only reduces the process, reduce the cost, and increase the firm degree, wall advertising company, electric signs, traffic signs, safety signs, reflective signs and other manufacturers the ideal equipment.

4, murals and decorative painting industry

Digital printing machine can be directly spray the surface of wood products, ceramic pattern printing, screen printing, painting instead of manual processes, products by post processing, wear resistance, water resistance, temperature resistance, radiation indicators meet the requirements, and meet the needs of personalized decoration, achieve high efficiency and low cost of online processing, digital inkjet printer murals, decorative painting industry, bring more vitality and artistic expression.

5, the production of panels

The platform of digital inkjet printer can a desired pattern in the chevron board, KT board, organic glass and other advertising plate surface direct printing, photo printing and laminating process alternative, and not degumming, no foaming, low cost, time saving and high efficiency.