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UV printer industry technology
Published in:2017-08-08 13:00:03
First, UV printer update technology:

The full color image of the UV printer is completed at one time, the color of the transition completely achieves the photo effect, the location is accurate, the reject rate is zero, and a great deal of manpower and material resources are saved.

UV printer true no printing leaflets, and batch processing costs, you can complete in a short version live economically and efficiently, to help you add more business opportunities and profits. The complement to the traditional printing technology, not only for the small print work, also can be used for proofing or image simulation results, the customer can choose the most suitable for the needs of the technology from a variety of process. The design, the production process is simple, even a single operation, Lidengkequ meet customer delivery demand.

Two, UV printer higher precision:

The device is made of imported EPSON brand new micro piezoelectric nozzle, and micro piezoelectric inkjet technology is a patented technology developed by Seiko EPSON. It takes a lot of micro piezoelectric ceramic placed near the nozzle of the print head, the piezoelectric ceramic has the characteristics of extension or contraction deformation at both ends of the voltage change under the effect of image information when the voltage applied to the piezoelectric ceramic, the stretching vibration of piezoelectric ceramics will change with the image information and voltage and make the ink in the nozzle. In the steady state under normal temperature and pressure, effectively control the size and harmonic way of ink droplets, ink evenly and accurately, so as to obtain the output of high accuracy and resolution of image color printing, while reducing the consumption of ink.

Three, UV printers are more widely used:

The equipment of printed materials widely, flexible medium such as reflective film, canvas, carpet, leather etc.; rigid medium such as glass, wooden crafts frame, ceiling, aluminum, wood, board, acrylic board, organic glass board, PVC board, corrugated board, plastic board, resin board, gypsum board and other products; shell: medium such as the MP3 music player, camera shell shell, Bluetooth headset, mobile phone shell, refrigerator shell shell, the outer shell of the notebook computer.

Four 、 UV printer technical support:

UV printer's printing structure: using adsorption medium fixed platform, the material is stationary, relying on adsorption and pressure roller to maintain flatness, screw lead the printing beam movement, print step. Compared with the belt structure and the press wheel structure, the platform structure is more suitable for heavy and large size plate printing.

UV printer head automatic lifting: automatic lifting function to ensure the height of 100mm, accurately adjust the printing height according to the material thickness.