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UV tablet printing opportunities will not have great prospects for development
Published in:2017-08-28 10:31:53

With the continuous economic Chinese open and full integration with the world, and China advertising industry agile open, traditional printing equipment such as screen printing, photo machine UV, large jet aircraft also gradually cannot keep up with the trend, now print projects increased, but a lot is to be printed in the flat, UV flat spray machine just deal with customers such as to be printed on the glass, printing on ceramic and leather, but also in the acrylic plate, aluminum sheet material, KT wood materials, foam sheet material, PVC board type advertisement lamp box cloth of this kind of material, wallpaper and so on a variety of materials, because early devices like the photo so can not be satisfied only in the photo machine and so on very thin tape as a type of information on print, a little too thick is no way, and no drying effect, must Have artificial dry, but now the printer is handled more questions, but also the use of the UV technology, not only can set thick material, and you can immediately use dry areas will be more and more widely in the flatbed printer. It is precisely because of this, almost all of the flat jet printer supplier, for the future of domestic shopping malls are holding an appropriate open-minded mood.

At present, the domestic UV flatbed printer market has gradually recovered, and will be opened at an appropriate speed. In recent 1-2 years, after manufacturers and powerful media to promote the implementation of the UV tablet will be known to all.

UV flatbed printer machine in use will also have the very big development space, the future once the low cost of domestic UV will step down to ink, UV flatbed printer cost, add shopping tolerance. Because a lot of China solvent inkjet printer skill has been relatively sophisticated, these manufacturers in the future production of inkjet printer will add more troops. What can be imagined is that the future UV tablet printer market must be prosperous, but also fierce competition. Perhaps the future of tablet machines will be more prosperous and widespread than the traditional ones. We also hope this day will come soon!

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