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What are the common troubles and solutions in inkjet printers?
Published in:2017-10-12 13:26:49
1, break the ink
Fault phenomenon: painting process, there are individual nozzles do not ink out
Cause analysis: nozzle clogging, cause dirty nozzle working voltage is set properly, ink clogging, ink, negative pressure adjustment
Solution: squeeze ink, press clear lotion, rinse nozzle, adjust nozzle operating voltage, soak and ultrasonic cleaning nozzle, replace high quality ink, adjust proper negative pressure value
HK8 konica 512
 【HK8 konica 512

2, printing effect is poor
Fault phenomenon: blurred picture, color overlay is not correct
Reason analysis: the height of the car is not proper, the distance between the nozzle and the material is too large, which leads to inaccurate and strong jet placement, strong airflow affecting the accuracy of ink jet placement, poor ink absorption ability of the material and no calibration of the nozzle
Solution: adjust the appropriate vehicle height, fan or air conditioning at work area, avoid workplace air blowing strongly, to change the material, re calibration nozzle

3, boot the car does not rebound reset
Fault phenomenon: after hitting the reset button, the car only to the right side, there is no reset, and there is no flash spray, unable to perform other operations
Reason analysis: Holzer switch fault, trolley board fault, SCSI line fault, PCI card fault, servo board fault
Solution: replace the Holzer switch, replace the trolley board, /SCSI line, /PCI card / servo board
UV printer
UV printer

4, garbled
Fault phenomenon: the picture appears irregular and can not be painted indiscriminately
Analysis of the reasons: ink transmission data processing error, car board fault, data line loose or fault, SCSI line fault, PCI card fault, picture processing problem
Solution: the spray head can be arranged one by one test of a single nozzle, troubleshooting nozzle, the replacement of the data line (head car plate data line or data line), the replacement of car plate /SCSI line /PCI card, re loading screen by RIP

5, no cloth
Cause analysis: power failure, switch fault, fault, fault, probe board material is overweight
Solution: put tight voltage socket, power line, replacement replacement switch / infrared probe / manual layout, auxiliary cloth

6, playing a fixed place, ink out of order
Reason analysis: picture processing problem, grating bar problem and trolley board fault
Check method: change picture, change the spray, testing different images in different locations of the printing effect, if the other picture is proved to be the normal picture processing problem; if all the pictures have the problem then check the ink in the grating; if the picture changed from the spray position still in a particular place check car abnormal jet board
Solution: reload the screen for RIP processing, clean or change the grating bar, change the car board
eco solvent ink
eco solvent ink

7, the car running about uneven
Fault phenomenon: the part of the ejection picture is clear, partly blurred, and the location of each section is different from the ink jet positioning accuracy
Reason analysis: the guide beam does not adjust the level
Solution: re adjust the beam

8, the car running, shaking screen dislocation
Cause analysis: grating damage, broken belt, chain 465 card to the debris
Solution: clean or change the grating, the replacement of 465 belts, clean the towline card slot

9, crash
Fault phenomenon: boot car hit the right end
Cause analysis: Holzer magnetic sensitive positioning fault, grating head fault and trolley plate fault
Solution: check / replace the Holzer switch, replace the grating head, replace the trolley board
10, negative pressure air pump sound

Cause analysis: the air pump is loose, the filter is blocked and the air pump is out of order
Solution: tighten the air pump and replace the filter / air pump

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