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Troubleshooting of printer machine (second pieces)
Published in:2017-10-13 10:13:07
10, negative pressure air pump sound

Cause analysis: the air pump is loose, the filter is blocked and the air pump is out of order

Solution: tighten the air pump and replace the filter / air pump
S8 konica 512i
S8 konica 512i

11, boot trolley board light is not bright, can not reset

Cause analysis: loose wiring, trolley board fault, servo board fault, data line fault

Solution: re insert data lines, replace the car board / servo board / data line

12, can not be folded cloth

Cause analysis: servo board fault, step driver fault

Solution: replace servo board / step driver

13, the fan does not turn

Cause analysis: usually the problem of power supply

Solution: re insert or replace the power cord
uv printer 60*90
60*90 uv printer

14 、 suction regulation

Experience: a suction fan does not work very rarely happens, if there is power check, suction strength shall be according to the thickness of the materials and components to

adjust, neither let the material uplift not because of strong suction lead to move materials

15, large screen will be misplaced

Cause analysis: process complicated data error of car plate (this phenomenon), PCI card and RIP software fault data error processing

Solution: replace the car board, /PCI card, reinstall Meng Tai

16, reinstall the software can not control the machine

Fault phenomenon: after opening the software, the lower part of the control button, the machine can not be manipulated

Cause analysis: software version does not correspond to machine line version

Solution: install the corresponding version of the control software

flex banner
flex banner
17, the nozzle does not ink, no flash spray

Cause analysis: car plate, small fault, fault nozzle data line fault, fault, fault ## PCI card

Solution: replacement of car plate plate / nozzle / data line /##/PCI card

18, four color change three colors

Solution: remove a group or a spray nozzle, change the black color of spray printing screen into four colors black

19. No negative pressure

Failure phenomenon: the pressure gauge is zero and the nozzle drops ink

Cause analysis: damage of air pump, malfunction of solenoid valve and leakage of trachea

Solution: replacement pump / solenoid valve / pipe, re adjust the pressure indicator

20, ink, that is, dripping liquid constantly

Cause analysis: improper regulation of negative pressure

Solution: adjust the negative pressure